Welcome to the first part of a very special blog series, where you’ll get the chance to delve behind the scenes of a unique Hello Scotland corporate incentive. Learn about the brainstorming process that lead to the creation of this new concept, the logistical planning, behind the scenes in the run up to the incentive, plus, first hand reactions from participants and post-incentive reflections from the whole team.

The blog series will look something like this…

Today (below): The client brief and incentive outline

Next week: Creative brainstorming by Bill and John

Coming soon:

  • A site inspection with a difference
  • A tough year spells delays
  • Claire’s logistics
  • The week leading up to the incentive


  • Images and videos from the incentive and the ‘Taking of the Hill’ creative concept explained
  • Reflections from the client and project team

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The incentive brief:

The End Client: A large national Norwegian retailer The Agent: Adrenalin Compagniet The DMC: Hello Scotland

Pax: 230 Location: Edinburgh & surrounding area Accommodation: 4* City Centre Theme & Mission: Onward and Upward

Following a tough year, the client wants to unite their regional teams in their true family spirit, for a weekend of fun and inspiration with the underlying theme of 'strength and endurance for growth and prosperity'.

Hello and Adrenaline (Bill and John!) worked together to create a unique and special 'Scottish' incentive program with the client's overall mission in mind.

More about this later in the week in "Creative Brainstorming by Bill and John", however Bill does say this about the underlying theme of the programme:

“Just as the ancient clans used to work as teams to ensure their physical survival and prosperity, so too can businesses embrace and nurture a team ethos to enhance their capacity for economic survival and growth. What we've created encapsulates this beautifully.”

Coming next week:   Creative Brainstorming by Bill and John

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