The clear message at this year’s Summer Eventia in Glasgow was to tread carefully and it’s time to stop avoiding change and instead, embrace it. Dealing with the recovering economy an ash cloud and BA strikes hasn’t made it the easiest start to 2010, and at this year’s Summer Eventia conference, there was an in-depth analysis and a warning for the entire industry….

The first keynote speaker, Economist Dr Dominic Swords expressed concern about the cuts in public sector spending and predicted major decline in the face of these cutbacks.

However, there was light at the end of the tunnel and with a ‘get your head down and be sensible’ type of attitude he believed companies could make it through the rest of the year, hoping for greater recovery in 2011.

He emphasized the need for companies to look at the changes and opportunities that are happening in the marketplace and to quickly respond to the new needs of the market.

Swords says that as the recovery progresses, demand for meetings and events will increase, but with different needs and an renewed improvement on ROI. He said, “There will need to be a behavioural change,”, “Digital technology will need to be harnessed to deliver more value, and companies may have to adjust their margins to gain business and succeed.”

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With the renewed need for a further improvement on ROI, Lisa will be giving you some ideas about cost effective Scottish Incentives for your next visiting group.