This week I’m attending IMEX, one of the world’s biggest MICE events, where the industry descends on Frankfurt for 3 days of solid business gold. Its magnetism draws people from around the globe and its vibrancy gives you a real sense of perspective about what you’re part of – the huge MICE world. Here’s why I think face-to-face meetings at IMEX – or any environment really – are without doubt the best way for you to get great value from your DMC and MICE suppliers.

1. Appointment times are short at IMEX, but the beauty of this means a) you’ve got the full attention of the supplier, who’s only concentrating on your needs, b) there’s less chit-chat and more real business and c) it means you get the opportunity to see as many suppliers as you can possible fit in to 3 days!

(From my point of view, I always try to make sure the short time I have with clients is top quality and that the information I give them whets their appetite for Scotland.)

2. The opportunity for instant 2-way interaction and communication is something that you can’t replicate in any other situation, other than a face-to-face environment. You can present your requirements in a much more expressive and emotive way, giving your supplier the opportunity to easily identify how they can add value.

(I’m a real people person and after years of practice I think I can read people’s emotions and expressions pretty well. This interaction gives you subtle buying signals and a real sense of what client’s are looking for {or not!} so you end up having a productive meeting that could have otherwise taken a week via email & calls!)

3. Which leads me nicely into the next point…It’s all very well spending time over email and on the phone, but it’s when you meet someone in the flesh you really get a sense of who they are and what they are like. Meeting potential suppliers can really put you at ease that you’re both on the same wave length and that they are capable of giving you the results you need…provided they give a good impression that is!

(This is great for me because I always attend dressed as a true ‘Scottish’ character wearing a kilt with an animal sporran… my own personal touch… and a sight to remember!)

4. Most suppliers will come armed with images, videos and other visuals for you to see that will bring the intangible factors of an incentive to life. When these tools are used to passionately explain what’s being offered, a presentation that is good, but perhaps a bit flat, becomes seeped in emotion and inspiration.

(If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m a big fan of long lasting emotional experiences, so this is where I really like to show what Scotland can offer, through great videos, imagery and lots of expressive stories!)

If you’re attending IMEX I’m looking forward to meeting with you over the next few days... and if I’m not on our stand (TCC stand G200), you might find me taking a quick break at the Columbian coffee stand, sipping on a freshly brewed macchiato!