By sheer luck and coincidence, a group of Dutch clients had chosen to travel to Scotland by ferry, right in the midst of airspace closure and travel chaos. Here’s the story of their trip to Scotland…

The group started their journey from Amsterdam in the evening, boarding the ferry in time to enjoy dinner, relax with a few glasses of wine and get a good night sleep in their comfortable cabins.  (Meanwhile, the airspace over the UK was silent) They arrived in Newcastle first thing the following morning, amidst a flurry of Scottish activity that included a full pipe band, kilted men to direct them to the coach and personalised signage along the way. The ferry port didn’t know what had hit it- and the guest were thrilled with such an unexpected and amazing welcome!

Conscious that our group was arriving into England then making a coach journey to their final destination in Scotland, we didn’t want them to feel that the additional travel was a drag so we made their journey as comfortable as possible with films, pillows, water and shortbread parcels as a yummy snack. On approach to the English-Scottish border, the group belted out a rendition of ‘Flower of Scotland’ (that they’d just learnt and practiced a few moments before!) to signify their entering onto Scottish land.

Soon after we stopped for a coffee at Jedburgh – the pretty market town known as the historic gateway to Scotland.  Then back on the coach for a short journey to the stunning Winton House for a picnic lunch. Winton House was built in 1150 and is seeped in Scottish History. Its beautiful gardens made it the perfect location for our clients to enjoy a sunny spring picnic lunch. 

After a delightful lunch and time to take a wander around the house and its grounds, it was time for the last leg of the journey, to Cameron House on the shores of Loch Lomond. Our client had emphasised that the essence of this trip was relaxation, spending time with your partner and ‘doing what you wanted to do’, so Cameron House was a natural choice for us to recommend. It’s the ideal location for chilling out and enjoying the beauty of the countryside. Guests were offered the optional opportunity to take part in a host of activities including, spa treatments, golf, whisky blending, and time in the City (Glasgow).

To limit any additional travel for the group, they dined in at the 5* Resort, enjoying delicious food and fine wines whilst watching sunsets over the picturesque Loch. (By this point, thousands of air travel passengers across Europe were stranded at home or abroad)

The following day the group enjoyed some movies whilst they travelled by coach back towardsNewcastle, stopping for a classy comfort break in the border town of Moffat. The group travelled on to the breathtaking Langley Castle for high tea and a variety of traditional activities, including archery, surprise falconry, laser clays and croquet. After a fun-filled afternoon, the group headed off for the ferry, where they enjoyed a tasty dinner and spend the evening chatting about their experiences of the last two days.

We couldn’t believe how lucky our clients were in their choice of transport to Scotland. The reality is that if they had chosen to fly, they wouldn’t have reached their destination, facing the potential of cancellation fees, the hassle of re-scheduling and of course the disappointment of the group that had been looking forward to their incentive reward.

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