It's bubbling and smoking…and we have no idea how long it will continue to grumble for, so we've done a little research to find out how else you could plan to travel to Scotland this summer. And we were pretty surprised by some of the hidden gems that we found on the North Sea!

So, before we give you details of the ferry routes you can take to get to Scotland, here's a quick preview of some of the things you can do onboard...

Food & Drink

The variety and quality of food onboard some of the ferries isn't to be scorned at. Choose from top-notch A la Carte cuisine, steak houses, coffee shops, wholesome restaurants and carvary dining. Then after you've eaten, relax and enjoy a drink with your colleagues in a Piano Bar, or liven things up with a boogie on the dance floor! On request, some ferry providers can cater to your incentive requirements with exclusive  use of their dining facilities, room drops, upgrades on board and more. Just ask your supplier.


Onboard entertainment is more than the 'Cinema lounge' you might expect. In fact there's so much jam-packed into one night that you might mistake your journey to Scotland as a mini cruise break!

You won't be starting your incentive trip with a dull wait in an airport lounge, then a stint in a not-so-comfy aeroplane seat. Instead enjoy resident live bands, west end style shows & cabaret performances, solo musical entertainment, casinos, quiz show games, bingo, whisky tasting, horse racing and even wild-life watching experiences.

Careful not to enjoy it too much – we want you to come off at the other end with enough energy to take part in your incentive trip!


Most of the ferries will include a cabin booking when you book a sailing with them. It's great because you get a good night sleep, waking up fresh and ready to take in the experiences of your incentive weekend. They're great value for money and most come standard with an en suite shower and WC. We can help you make the journey a little more special by arranging for 'Scottish' teasers to be placed in their cabins.

The Travel Details

There are a few different sailing options you can take from mainland Europe to get to Scotland.

RouteWeekly SailingsSailing TimeFerryTransfer Time To Edinburgh

Rotterdam to Hull: P&O Ferries

Zeebrugge to Hull P&O Ferries

Amsterdam (Ijmuiden) to Newcastle DFDS Seaways

Zeebrugge to Rosyth Norfolk Line

The Rosyth ferry comes into port a few miles from Edinburgh, but it can be a pricy sailing. We recommend the Amsterdam sailing to Newcastle, which is just a 2 hour drive to Edinburgh, through the scenic Scottish Borders.

Why ferry travel is a great alternative way to start your incentive...

At first glance at the journey times you might think it's a bit of a trek to come to Scotland by ferry. And you're right, it is a long journey. But here's a few things that might make you re-consider...

  • You don't have to worry about cancelled /delayed flights, getting stranded abroad, or strikes
  • The journey is transformed into a part of the incentive experience, rather than a means to get from A-B
  • The journey can be a relaxing way to informally ease your group into their incentive, without being too full on
  • The comfy cabins mean you get a good night sleep whilst you travel
  • The journey from the ferry port to our destination can be filled with fun and excitement. You'll see how in next week's case study! (More info below)

Hear how a group in April enjoyed their sailing incentive experience to Scotland!

Later in the week we'll post a case study about a group that came to Scotland by ferry. This wasn't volcanic ash related, but the company’s chosen method of transport. Coincidently, they arrived in the middle of the airport closure chaos, and had a fantastic time – disruption free!

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