This weekend I’m off to join a client group for a ceremonious ‘kilt fitting’ as part of their experience of Scotland and which we prefer to call “A Gentlemen’s Only Club”...

I’ve done this exercise many, many times, and even now it amazes me how a group of men react to ‘wearing a skirt!’ It seems they go through every emotion in the spectrum from being fearful, nervous, and scared; then excited, giddy, enthusiastic and exhilarated; finishing with courage and pride….it’s extraordinary to watch and I love being part of it!

When they finally present themselves to the ladies of their group, if they have partners with them,  they are immensely proud of their achievement and it is very often one of the fondest most long lasting moments of their trip.

It’s this type of bonding experience that evokes all kinds of emotional feelings that people remember and because in incentive is all about reward and positive lasting experiences, you need to be a master of creating emotion as well as a super organizer to pull of the perfect incentive trip.

Here’s my tips on creating an positive & long lasting emotional experience for your group:

1. Make sure you have real ‘characters’ leading your activities as often it’s the personal aspect that people love.

2. Humour Humour Humour! Laughter is the best way to let people enjoy themselves. Sometimes I can be a bit “tongue in cheek” with my humor, but people seem to love it!

3. Be a little less ‘PC’. Ok so I know you’re with clients and you have a professional hat on, but remember these guys on an incentive trip aren’t working, they’re here to have a good time! Obviously this depends on the group and the client so your judgment of the situation needs to be spot on!

4. Think experience – think emotion. When I’m planning special touches for clients I generally think of an ‘experience’ idea then immediately think of the emotional experience this will give the group. For example, when a client was playing a round of golf, I unexpectedly turned up at the 10th hole with freshly brewed coffee and a pastry for those playing. So simple, but so effective!