When I’ve had a stressful, busy week I take myself (and my dogs!) away from the hassle and bustle of Glasgow, the office and family. We jump in the car and head to one of my favourite places in Scotland – the West Coast - in particular the wilderness of the countryside around Arisaig. I’ve always been someone who’s views the countryside as a powerful place for relaxation, inspiration, and even somewhere you can draw strong spiritual strength from. Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about rural Scotland and believe that it’s powerful, motivational place to visit.

I took this photo a few weeks ago on one of my long walks with the dogs along the Rhu Peninsula. This magnificent stag appeared from no where and it was a subtle reminder of the surprise memories Scotland can offer when you’re least expecting them.

Here’s a few other of my inspirational places in Scotland:

Have you been to Scotland? What's the most memorable and inspiring place you visited?

I'd love to know!